Recent years have seen a long awaited increase in the acceptance of different body types. Currently women sizes 12-28 are enjoying mainstream acceptance more than they have ever experienced in modern times. When I was younger Camryn Manheim accepted her Emmy Award exclaiming, “This one is for the fat girls!”

In the year 2016 I am here to represent the really fat girls… as well as anyone living in a body that does not fit the “norm”.

I am currently living a full and happy life in a size 6X body. Walking any distance is difficult for me. My knees and legs hurt regularly. I get out of breath easily. I can’t ride my favorite amusement rides. This is all true.


To increase my health and life quality I am always striving to get back into healthier eating  habits and into regular exercise habits. I am always trying to get better sleep and find ways to sneak off for some therapeutic time so that I stress less.

But today, right now, I live in this 6X body. No matter what I do, that is not going to change overnight. It may never change. And tomorrow may never come. So I choose to be happy today, in this size 6X body. Right now.

So today, I participate in yoga. I swim at every opportunity. I go camping. I go to the cinema and to the theater. I go boating. I play catch. I write children’s stories. I go to auditions all over the city. I laugh hard and often. I live the most amazing life I can despite my obstacles.

Living your life and loving yourself as is does not mean you should ever stop trying to improve your health. Never stop working on being your best self physically and mentally.


You can have a full and beautiful life just the way you are. Today. Now.

Stop body bullying yourself. Stop body bullying others and do not let others body bully you.

Happy lives come in all shapes, sizes and forms.